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OtW Bonus Art
Charge! Darron modeling the free armor Discovery had a "make your own comic" station that I couldn't resist . . .I wanna hold your hand . . .Black Mage Desdemona

OtW Holiday Art
Halloween 2008Valentine's 2009 April Fools 2009 Halloween 2009 April Fools 2010 Halloween 2010

On the Walkthrough

An extremely sketchy comic of an alternate universe where things worked out right.

Other Art By Me
Final Fantasy IV fanart


Christabell the Monster Bird
The cast of OtW! Lots of monsters! Oh no! A FFV monster to challenge the heroes


Li'lSis #1
Elliot by Li'l Sis #2


Li'lSis #2
Elliot by Li'l Sis #2


Rebecca Whipple
The OtW! Gang


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