Off the Walkthrough!


It's me!  (Sort of)I am a a dabbler in many things, and one day I decided I wanted to make a webcomic. This is the largest art project I have ever undertaken, and I'm still amazed at how far I have come. My background is in business and computers, not art, but I have doodled all my life on whatever scraps of paper were available to me.

I'm really enjoying making this comic, and I hope you enjoy it, too!

And if you don't enjoy it -- then you should totally make your own webcomic!

(In fact, you should make your own webcomic anyway. It's character-building!)


The Comic

What's this comic about?
In a happy RPG world, a group of heroes sets out on a quest to save the day, guided by their trusty walkthrough.
But through their bungling, they get off the linear RPG plot, and no matter what
they do, they can't seem to get back on it.

How often does it update?
Currently, once a month. Before midnight on the last day of the month.

Believe me, I want the story to progress as much as you do.

Why chibi figures?
   Answer A: To demonstrate my abiding love for the sprite-SNES games that introduced me to RPGs.
   Answer B: Because I have a short attention span, and if I made the pages higher quality, I would only update once a year.
Pick the answer you prefer. :)

Does the comic have a planned ending?
Yes. And I will do everything I can to keep this comic going until I reach it. I have all the main plot arcs scripted, so all I have to do is keep drawing.

I think I found an error! Will you fix it?
Yes! Please tell me where it is and what it is. I will fix all spelling errors as soon as possible. I'll fix drawing errors, too, if it won't take too much time. Also, see the next question.

Hey, your drawing style looks better now. Are you going to redraw your old pages to match?
Short answer: no.
Longer answer: nooooooooooo.
Just kidding. Seriously, this issue here is that I have very limited time. I have to choose between redoing old pages and making new pages. So, as much as I'd like to, it's just not feasible.
Maybe I'll clean up the oldest pages someday, but don't hold your breath.

What is your policy on link exchanges?
I consider this to be a G-rated comic -- I know that some of my readers are young children -- so I prefer to only link to other G-rated comics. Any exceptions are on a case by case basis. Please send me a link to your comic first, and I will check it out.

Got another question?
Go ahead and ask!


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